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Cannabis & Women Over 50: Unpacking the Stigma


As de-criminalization and legalization become more widespread across the United States, we as a society have to begin having frank conversations about the use of cannabis. For decades the use of cannabis has been stigmatized, and many people have felt uncomfortable learning more about how cannabis can be hugely beneficial to their lives. This is especially true for women over 50, and Dori is looking to change that.

Dismantling and Confronting Stigma

There are plenty of things in our society that are stigmatized and shouldn’t be. Cannabis is one of those things, even in the states where it’s legalized. The stereotype of the “typical pot smoker” is not only inaccurate, but oftentimes degrading to those truly seeking relief from this amazing plant.

Unfortunately, this stigma can prevent people from learning about cannabis, even though it could be hugely and positively impactful to their quality of life.

For Pain, For Peace, For Fun

It’s a tragedy that so many people could have an entirely new lease on life with cannabis, but avoid it because of stigma or misinformation.

In the case of Dori, who suffered from extreme stress and anxiety, she found that cannabis was an extremely effective tool. While taking cannabis for pain is becoming more common, some people still don’t know just how beneficial cannabis can be for physical and neurological issues.

It is also absolutely okay to learn about how to enjoy cannabis just for fun! If there’s one thing Half Baked Housewives wants you to know, it’s that there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Is Cannabis Right For Me?

It’s okay to feel uncertain about whether or not cannabis is right for you. You don’t need to currently be using cannabis to join our community. We want to answer questions and educate women about the topic, so that they can decide for themselves whether cannabis is right for them.

Our community can help you learn about how to use cannabis (for health and fun!), as well as understanding the rules and regulations of your home state. If your state has yet to legalize, we can help you learn more about how to get involved in your states conversation. And as far as consumption, hemp (which is cannabis that contains LESS than .03% ∆9 THC) is federally legal in all 50 states, and we have just the brand for you to try!  

This long stigmatized plant has so much untapped potential. As women maturing through our 40s and 50s, we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of a better quality of life. Whether you want to learn about edibles, joints, bongs, different strains, or just want to laugh with a great group of women, the Half Baked Housewives Community is the place for you.

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Insights on the Current CBD Industry

America, in recent years, has fallen into a true drug crisis. Years of “reefer madness” scared science away from studying the natural benefits of cannabis products. Now, many struggle to deal with common and chronic ailments and pharmaceutical medications are their only option. Unfortunately, as many know, those medications can come with very harsh side effects.

We have had enough of the misinformation and lack of education. Armed with our own life experiences, and how the knowledge of how pharmaceuticals are affecting the entire country, we decided that someone had to step forward and make a difference.

Half Baked Housewives serves as a gathering place for women maturing through their 40s and 50s to explore the benefits of cannabis. In the spirit of empowerment and education, here are some of the latest trends affecting the cannabis product industry. 

CBD Oil’s Benefits

In just the past year alone, scientific research has led to the federal government approving CBD oil products for<a href=”” > treating epilepsy in patients as young as two. 

While not a magic bullet that will cure any disease, all indications point to it serving as an important tool in the toolbox of medical science going forward. 

Although derived from the cannabis hemp plants, CBD oil does not intoxicate. In fact, these oils lower the levels of intoxication induced by the ingestion of THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in recreational cannabis.

Impact of the 2018 Farm Bill

In 2018, President Donald Trump signed that year’s version of the Farm Bill. This bill covers most aspects of American agriculture, generally renewing programs such as USDA Rural Development and the SNAP program. 

Last year’s bill also contained language legalizing the production and sale of CBD oil. This follows legislation passed by several states which changed their laws to allow its use. 

Major Firms Making Large Investments

With the US CBD oil industry expected to reach $7 billion within the next five years, international firms look to take advantage of opportunities for growth and profit. 

Canopy Growth and Cronus Group, who have already seen tremendous growth in Canada, lead the way in terms of serious investments in the American industry. Cronos in 2018 also established a major partnership with Altria, manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes, among other business interests.

The United States provides a perfect landscape for both CBD oils and medical marijuana. Much of the country enjoys the perfect climate for cultivation. Many of these areas are located close to both transportation and population centers. 

State Legalization of CBD Oil and Medical Cannabis Expanding

In the past two years, some states have moved ahead to legalize and encourage investment and development of CBD oil.

Texas and West Virginia legalized the production and sale of CBD oils based on hemp, which shares a genus and species name with marijuana cannabis, but does not contain THC in sufficient amounts to intoxicate. Many producers of CBD oils prefer to distill from hemp, due to lower overhead costs in protection and security compared to marijuana cannabis.

Kansas approved a measure to allow CBD oils to contain up to five percent THC to expand its ability to treat various conditions.

Reach Out Today

We welcome questions and concerns from members of our community. Call or message us today to learn more about what we do to empower women who need or want to use CBD oil or medical marijuana. 

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Our Why

My “Why”- A Sincere Note from Dori.  

My stepson, Zachariah, suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a debilitating seizure disorder that has left him intellectually disabled. Thankfully, Epidiolex has given him some relief.  Epidiolex is the first FDA-approved drug that contains THC and CBD.  It is also the first drug EVER to treat Dravet Syndrome. Zach’s story is an inspiration to many in the state of Texas, where he was invited to the Capitol when Gov. Abbott signed Texas’ medical marijuana bill into law.  We are thankful to Governor Abbott and the Texas legislature for this opportunity. – Dori

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An Invitation from Half Baked Housewives

So, where do we start?

Being women in our 50s

We’re all familiar with our plight as women. We’ve come a long way, that’s certain. If our grandmothers were alive today, they might say, “You know, you’re lucky” if they ever hear us talk about the state of gender equality, women’s empowerment, and equal pay. But then again, being the wise women they were, they might say, “Go get ‘em, girls!” We know this journey is ongoing; even in our 40s and 50s, we experience stigma in more ways than one.

More than men, women face ageism as they grow older. You won’t hear a young woman saying, “I wish I were 30, 40, or 50, and so on…” Nobody seems to like growing old. It seems the 50s is the official stage when, well, there’s just no stopping it.

Then, you add cannabis into the picture. Some people may end up conjuring images of sad, fearful women in their 50s trying to relive their glory days by smoking a few joints or munching on cannabis brownies. The keywords here are “sad, fearful” – they imply that there’s no fun to be had as we grow older. This is simply not true.

The role of Cannabis in our lives

So if you’re a woman just like us, and you’re wondering about the ways by which cannabis can help improve your health, and complement your lifestyle, reach out to us.

We’ve only just begun

Sounds like a song, right?

But it’s true, the 50s is a new beginning, and there’s so much more we can do.

Our goal is to empower women to live their fullest lives. We want to add to the pool of cannabis knowledge that’s meant to educate and inform all women growing through this stage of life. 

Most of all, we want you to know that you’re not alone and that maturing into our older years cab be a truly liberating and fun experience! So, don’t be afraid to step in and explore with us.

Welcome to Half Baked Housewives.