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California Sober for the Holidays 

With the holiday season just around the corner, there’s a growing movement to celebrate without the inclusion of alcohol. Public opinion often lumps weed and booze into the same category, but for those who appreciate the plant, it’s evident that they are distinct. The stereotypes surrounding cannabis consumption are gradually fading, thanks to states legalizing recreational use and increased research on cannabis products.


Cannabis offers a relaxing, euphoric sensation without the physical, mental, and social challenges associated with alcohol consumption. Many individuals have chosen to substitute booze with cannabis, giving rise to the term “California Sober.”

Why Try California Sober this Holiday Season?

  • 16% percent of adults will drink more (alcohol) than usual during the holidays

  • 22% have felt pressured to drink at a work party.

  • A staggering 96% admitted to going to work hungover after a holiday party, or knew someone who did. 

As cannabis legalization facilitates easier access, trying the California Sober lifestyle becomes more accessible. Personally, I prefer D9-infused drinks over alcohol and have found them to be quite enjoyable! 


Additionally, I take pleasure in crafting mocktails for my guests using our D9 Drink Mix, currently available on sale on the Half Baked Housewives website.

Elevate your beverage experience and savor the ultimate refreshment with 10mg D9—no alcohol, no hangover


Cheers to a California Sober holiday season!

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Elevated Book Signing: Courage in Cannabis

Last week we celebrated the release of Dr. Bridget Williams’ “Courage in Cannabis Volume 2: The Triumphant Stories” with a book signing event in collaboration with The Hemp Housewife. It brought together individuals from across the San Antonio cannabis industry to connect, share experiences, and discuss the power of cannabis.

A Testament of Transformation

“Courage in Cannabis: Volume 2” is not just another book. It’s a movement, a testament, a revolution that follows on the heels of its #1 Best Selling predecessor. In volume 2, 39 authors delved into their personal narratives, unveiling how cannabis and CBD played a pivotal role in reshaping their lives. Among these storytellers, we had the privilege of hearing from two featured authors, Candy Flores and Frederika Easley who shared their personal and inspiring cannabis journeys.

Leaders of Change

Dr. Bridget Cole Williams, MD, the visionary author leading the “Courage in Cannabis” series, shared her insights and wisdom during the event. Dr. Williams, an award-winning physician, entrepreneur, and advocate for the healing power of cannabis, stands at the forefront of this impactful movement in the world of medicine.Dr. Bridget Williams shared that she was motivated by her patients to delve deeper into utilizing cannabis as a form of treatment. She shared that she initially did not consider cannabis as one  of her treatment plans but after further hearing about how helpful it was from her patience and her own research, she saw how powerful cannabis can be. She began recommending cannabis products to her patients who suffered from a variety of conditions including cancer, chronic pain, disorders, etc and became an advocate for cannabis use.The more inspirational stories she heard, the more involved she wanted to be. Courage in Cannabis allows real people to share their journey with cannabis and break the stigma that cannabis is “bad”. Dr. Bridget said there are many stories to be told and it just takes the courage to share these incredible stories.

Journey Towards Cannabis Advocacy

As we look back on this remarkable event, we find ourselves inspired and motivated by the stories and experiences shared during “Courage in Cannabis.” It’s a celebration of transformation, advocacy, and the unwavering dedication to the healing power of cannabis. We are reminded that within the pages of a book and the narratives of individuals lies a movement that is reshaping lives and changing the world, one story at a time.

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Understanding Edible Dosages

Making the Most of Your Edibles

We all love our edibles but they are notorious for taking much longer to take effect, resulting in many people making the mistake of taking more too soon and everything hits all at once. (I am personally guilty of this!). Whatever you do, you should not take more edibles within 3 hours of taking the first does. Edibles can take up to 2 hours for my body to process. Just about everyone who enjoys edibles can tell you a story about the time they took too many. Learn from our mistakes and don’t do it.

Thankfully, edibles come pre-dosed which means the packaging already tells you how much THC it contains. No matter how much edibles you take, wait at least 90 minutes to 3 hours before you decide to top up. Edibles have to pass through the digestive system in order for the cannabinoids to reach the bloodstream, whereas smoking and vaporizing go directly to the lungs.

1 – 2.5mg THC: This dose is considered a microdose. Seasoned cannabis consumers take low doses regularly to stay focused and productive. You can also expect mild pain and stress relief, while getting a jolt of creativity and focus. This does will also help those who suffer from social anxiety disorders.

2.5 – 10mg THC: This is the most common dosage for edibles. For those struggling with persistent insomnia, stress, pain, and other ailments, this dose is recommended. You can expect stronger symptom relief as well as blissful feelings.

15 – 30mg THC: Only recommended for seasoned cannabis users. This dosage is also for patients who struggle with extreme, treatment-resistant insomnia because it will deliver an intense head and body high that is sure to lull you to sleep.

30 – 50mg THC: Individuals who struggle with gastrointestinal disorders that may affect how they metabolize cannabinoids, as well as individuals who have a high tolerance to THC, are ideal consumers for this type of dosage. With this high dosage, you can expect strong euphoria and extreme relaxation.

As with any medication, please consult your doctor before consuming cannabis. We also do not recommend driving or operating machinery while using cannabis.

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No Shame in Mary Jane: How To Remove Stigma Around Cannabis & Women.


When you decide to come forward with your plant medicine use, it’s called “Coming out of the Green Closet”. That’s exactly what I did back in 2019 when I started Half Baked Housewives. Speaking in front of 1800 people at the Aztec Theatre was an invigorating to way to come out.

I trademarked No Shame in Mary Jane to remind us all that there is nothing wrong with using this marvelous, healing plant. Cannabis has been used as medicine for thousands of years.

This is the reason; Half-Baked Housewives is encouraging consumers to help end this stigma and move ahead with correct information. Read on this write-up and check out the amazing tips that can help at least some people to end the stigma around women and cannabis. Take a look!

Be Responsible Consumer: 

Once you come out about your cannabis use, be a responsible user. If you’re in a state where cannabis is not yet legal, get your medical license. This has never been easier with our partnership with Doc MJ you can easily get your license in Texas, NY, NJ, Florida and Louisiana.

Arm Yourself With Cannabis Facts:

Cannabis is so mainstream now, that there are many newsletters and magazines for this industry. Find your thought leaders in the plant medicine space and follow them on IG, FB and sign up for their emails. Surround yourself with facts and learn the laws in your state as well as those on the federal level. Remember, once you let your friends and families know you use plant medicine, they are going to ask questions and you want to steer them in the right direction.

Advocacy and Activism

Joining advocacy groups on the local and/or national level is a great way to get started with cannabis advocacy and activism. I am a member of the Texas Help Coalition and volunteer at the state capitol regularly to discuss plant medicine with our legislators. Every organization needs volunteers to help their cause and it’s a great way to meet like-minded people.

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Our Why

My “Why”- A Sincere Note from Dori.  

My stepson, Zachariah, suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a debilitating seizure disorder that has left him intellectually disabled. Thankfully, Epidiolex has given him some relief.  Epidiolex is the first FDA-approved drug that contains THC and CBD.  It is also the first drug EVER to treat Dravet Syndrome. Zach’s story is an inspiration to many in the state of Texas, where he was invited to the Capitol when Gov. Abbott signed a law allowing Epidiolex, the first FDA approved CBD medication.  We are thankful to Governor Abbott and the Texas legislature for this opportunity. – Dori