Insights on the Current CBD Industry

America, in recent years, has fallen into a true drug crisis. Years of “reefer madness” scared science away from studying the natural benefits of cannabis products. Now, many struggle to deal with common and chronic ailments and pharmaceutical medications are their only option. Unfortunately, as many know, those medications can come with very harsh side effects.

We have had enough of the misinformation and lack of education. Armed with our own life experiences, and how the knowledge of how pharmaceuticals are affecting the entire country, we decided that someone had to step forward and make a difference.

Half Baked Housewives serves as a gathering place for women maturing through their 40s and 50s to explore the benefits of cannabis. In the spirit of empowerment and education, here are some of the latest trends affecting the cannabis product industry. 

CBD Oil’s Benefits

In just the past year alone, scientific research has led to the federal government approving CBD oil products for<a href=”” > treating epilepsy in patients as young as two. 

While not a magic bullet that will cure any disease, all indications point to it serving as an important tool in the toolbox of medical science going forward. 

Although derived from the cannabis hemp plants, CBD oil does not intoxicate. In fact, these oils lower the levels of intoxication induced by the ingestion of THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in recreational cannabis.

Impact of the 2018 Farm Bill

In 2018, President Donald Trump signed that year’s version of the Farm Bill. This bill covers most aspects of American agriculture, generally renewing programs such as USDA Rural Development and the SNAP program. 

Last year’s bill also contained language legalizing the production and sale of CBD oil. This follows legislation passed by several states which changed their laws to allow its use. 

Major Firms Making Large Investments

With the US CBD oil industry expected to reach $7 billion within the next five years, international firms look to take advantage of opportunities for growth and profit. 

Canopy Growth and Cronus Group, who have already seen tremendous growth in Canada, lead the way in terms of serious investments in the American industry. Cronos in 2018 also established a major partnership with Altria, manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes, among other business interests.

The United States provides a perfect landscape for both CBD oils and medical marijuana. Much of the country enjoys the perfect climate for cultivation. Many of these areas are located close to both transportation and population centers. 

State Legalization of CBD Oil and Medical Cannabis Expanding

In the past two years, some states have moved ahead to legalize and encourage investment and development of CBD oil.

Texas and West Virginia legalized the production and sale of CBD oils based on hemp, which shares a genus and species name with marijuana cannabis, but does not contain THC in sufficient amounts to intoxicate. Many producers of CBD oils prefer to distill from hemp, due to lower overhead costs in protection and security compared to marijuana cannabis.

Kansas approved a measure to allow CBD oils to contain up to five percent THC to expand its ability to treat various conditions.

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