Extra Strength

25 Extra Strength 25mg Delta 8 THC tablets.



These tablets recently won 2nd Place in the Texas Hemp Awards.  These award-winning, expert user-level only tablets are perfect for the all-day experience.  This will lift you up gently for a 6 to 9 hour ride and significantly alter your baseline reality.   Control your whole day by controlling your starting dose.  These THC tablets will NOT bang on, nor drop you flat like a gummy or chocolate unless you want to take more than 2… but hang on if you do.   Work release ????8-THC tablets are WAY more functional than other edible dose forms.  These are designed for steady release throughout your entire day.  Use 1 to 2 tablets and enjoy the long steady work-friendly ride without the heavy onset penalty or the downer drop off.  If adding other dosage forms of THC, be aware that these 25mg D8-THC tablets increase your baseline much more than you think when the effect is there.

Note from CEO:  I have never taken more than 1/2 of one of these!



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2 Tablet Sample Pack, 25 Tablets Full Size Bottle


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