No Shame In Mary Jane!


Δ8 THC is just like its chemical sibling Δ9 THC with two important exceptions. First, when derived from federal hemp sources, it is federally LEGAL. The second distinction pertains to the location of certain double atomic bonds and their position.
The Cannabis sativa L species is the same for both illegal marijuana and industrial hemp. They both produce a variety of different and distinct molecules relatively unique to the species. With modern scientific extraction, refinement, and processing techniques we can isolate and even change those molecules to the ones we want in order to derive the products you see here.
Cannabidiol or CBD for short is the most prevalent cannabinoid in industrial hemp. It can be used to derive many other cannabinoids as well in a laboratory. Since all of their structures are quite similar, CBD can be used as the basic building block for other cannabinoids like Δ8 THC.

In general CBD is not considered to be psychoactive, although some users note a feeling of calm or well being from using CBD.  CBD does not create a “high” or euphoric feeling. 

Always consult with your doctor before trying any CBD or Delta 8 product.

Δ8 THC products are definitely euphoric when used in large enough doses, the products are considered psychoactive.  They are often the products most sought out by recreational marijuana users looking for a legal substance that makes them feel immediately “medicated”. 

Yes, CBD and Half Baked Housewives’ Δ8 THC products are from Cannabis sativa L sources whose original Δ9 THC concentration was not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis that meet the federal rules described here in the federal law.

That is just a fancy way of explaining that CBD and Half Baked Housewives’ Δ8 THC are legal by federal statute and they have been since the passage and signing of the “Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018” (aka The 2018 Farm Bill).  

Probably not!  Because of its extreme similarity and near identical effects as the common and prohibited Δ9 THC,  Delta 8 may show up on personal drug screening tests as the illegal Δ9 THC.