Discover the Phyto-Zol Difference:

Phyto-Zol is a hemp derived topical scientifically proven to penetrate the layers of the skin, delivering a greater amount of active ingredients to the local area of joint and muscle discomfort.  Phyto-Zol is a frangrance-free, water-based formula.  Most other topicals use an alcohol base and contain menthol which can dry the skin.

No menthol + no smell

No Camphor = No Burn

Zero-THC = no intoxicating effect, will not show up on a drug test.

Choose A CBD Formula You Can Trust

You want to enjoy life without limits. We understand how frustrating it is to miss out on the activities you love. Everyone deserves to live a full life, do more, and go further. It’s why we partnered with Pharmacists to develop a patented CBD topical serum scientifically proven to penetrate deeply into your skin to deliver more CBD to the areas you need it most.

Get back to the game and start enjoying life!

Other CBD remedies do nothing more than numb the skin, providing little to no relief.  You can trust Phyto-Zol’s patented formulation that goes deeper, so you can go farther.

Ingredients you can trust:

PHYTO-ZOL® is fragrance-free and water-based, making it less irritating to the skin. Most other topicals use an alcohol base and contain menthol or other fragrant oils, making them more drying and irritating to the skin.

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