Sleeping Beauteaze


Sleeping Beauteaze tablets harness the power of  Delta 8, CBD and Melatonin to give you a good night’s sleep.



For the nights when you don’t want to count sheep.  Make tomorrow a better day by making tonight a better night.  You get a careful dose of THC, CBD, and Melatonin in every Sleepeaze tablet.  Use whenever you need to feel refreshed and ready to conquer the next day like a Diva.

Sleepy melatonin makes these delta8 THC and CBD tablets the perfect evening companion for whenever you need some real rest. Relax your mind and body while you prepare yourself for a restful night of recharge.

Note from CEO:  I find 1/2 a tablet before bed to be quite effective!

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2 Tablet Sample, 25 Tablet Full Size


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