Delta 8 Gummies

Big Cherry Flavor!  35 mg Delta 8 gummies with CBD and CBG.



These dark cherry flavored 35mg D8 gummies are the newest addition to the Half Baked Housewives product line.

Delta 8 is the “lighter” version of Delta 9 THC.  Delta 8 is known for its relaxing qualities.  These gummies combine 15mg CBD, 15mg CBG and 35 mg Delta 8 for the ultimate cannabinoid experience.  

We are all familiar with the benefits of CBD, but what is CBG?    To some, CBG may seem like a variation of CBD, as they are both non-intoxicating and exhibit similar anti-inflammatory properties. But there are key differences that make both CBD and CBG beneficial for women over 40.

CBG and CBD don’t bind to the same receptors in the body, and also differ on a molecular level. Because CBG can bind to the same receptors as THC, it can potentially address issues that pertain to the nervous system, including  glaucoma, migraines and muscle issues.  CBD, on the other hand, may be more effective for  immunity related conditions and emotional well being.

If you are a newbie, please start with half a gummy and  wait at least an hour to re-dose as the affect keeps right on coming. Make sure you are ready for the full ride for 3 to 6 hours. Just like all Half Bake Housewives products, the cannabinoids here are derived from federal hemp sources and are exempt from being treated like controlled substances at the federal level.

We’re not trying to be a buzz kill, but you still cannot drive cars, pilot boats, or fly airplanes. Be smart and enjoy the ride.

Effects:  relaxation, sleep, calm


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